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Graphite Drawing: Opening and Saving

Graphite drawing now supports saving, automatically of course, and opening saved files by tapping their icons in the All Sketches view.


Graphite Drawing: Now with undo!

Graphite Drawing now has support for undoing changes. However, there is still plenty to do. Here is a list of features that I hope Graphite will have soon:

  • realistic pencil strokes which vary in strength depending on how fast the user moves their mouse/finger
  • allow switching between different tools (pencil, eraser, paintbrush, etc.)
  • opening and saving files from and to local storage and Ubuntu One
  • events view for listing sketches by date
  • sharing through social networks
  • storing sketches in sketchbooks

Feel free to download the source code at the Graphite Github repository.

Anything you wish to see in Graphite? Comment below.